Football Manager 2012

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Can you beat the best managers in the world?


  • Manage every aspect of a team
  • Detailed recreation of all teams and players
  • New 3D graphics engine


  • No Bundesliga!


Football Manager 2012 offers you the chance once again of stepping into the shoes of a manager of top football clubs. Have you got what it takes to be the next Ferguson or Mourinho?

As always, Football Manager 2012 frees you from the tedium of actually playing games of football, so you can concentrate on tactics and players. As well as in-game tactics, you have to negotiate the transfer market, sign new players, sponsorship deals and more.

Football Manager 2012 obviously updates all the leagues and teams for the new season, and adds some new developments to the soccer management gameplay. The transfer system is new, with new contract types, a new 3D engine for viewing games, better interface, and the ability to choose your tone of voice when instructing players!

Football Manager 2012 continues the tradition of offering a deep and immersive soccer management experience.

Football Manager 2012


Football Manager 2012 Demo

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